Copy of SUP Lessons

Trinity Paddle Co is the bonafide experts you want if you're looking for SUP lessons or any sort of adventure concerning Fort Worth paddle boarding!

We have top quality boards and the best guides around to show you how stand, paddle, and avoid the most common mistakes. However you may be concerned about whether you or a friend or family member can enjoy this sport.

Read on to learn the basics to paddle boarding here at Possum Kingdom Lake in Fort Worth..... 

Anyone Can Paddleboard! 


It doesn't matter whether you're young or old, or fit or slim! 

If you can hop onto a coffee table and stand upright, then you can get out on the water with us. (although standing on coffee tables isn't recommended)

Our guides have taught hundreds of people like you how to stand, paddle, and navigate the waters at Possum Kingdom. 

How Hard Is It To Stand On The Board?

It's not nearly as hard as you think it is. The waters at the lake are mostly calm and many people will start out paddling on their knees until they gain some comfort.

We'll only take you out where the water is calm enough for you to stand easily. This isn't surfing after all!  

Will I Get Tired? 

There will be plenty of chances to take a break, lay on the board, and admire the scenery at Possum Kingdom Lake.

Anytime you need a break or some help, our guides will help you out. That's what they are there for!

Just expect to use your arm and shoulder muscles for an extended amount of time, and to do a fair bit of standing of course.  

Paddle Boarding At Possum Kingdom Lake

As you can see in the pic above, the waters we'll be paddling on will be fairly calm. 

There are some boats that will produce wakes, and you'll see some canoes and kayaks as well. 

However there's plenty of room for everybody on the lake! 

If you're curious about our guided tours, then please call us or check out the product page for our tours. 

We hope you'll come out to sup with us soon!